Events Calendar

The following is a  list of events I will be attending during 2020. Others will be added as time goes on. If you would like me to attend one of your events please contact me. 

More dates will be added through the year.

Country to Capital 11th January
London 23rd January
Moulton Equestrian 25th January
Edinburgh  27th January
Moulton Equestrian 8th February
Moulton Equestrian 29th February
Mud and Mayhem, Thetford 15th March
Moulton Equestrian 21st March
Rose of the Shires Ultra 28th March
Fernie Team Chase 31st March
Quattro Sportive 26th April
Northants Ultra 16th May
Squires and Spires Sportive 17th May
Pitsford Sprint Triathlon 14th June
Pitsford Standard Triathlon 12th July
Bedford Team Relays 2nd August
Northampton Half Marathon 27th September
Thames Trot 24th October